Grant Burger

Grant Burger is a maker. 

As a child Grant found work in his grandfather's basement shop making bird houses, model airplanes and later fabricating steel and aluminum parts for his BMX bike. 

Grant became interested in screen printing in a high school freshman art class, and finding work in a production shop running manual four and six head presses shortly thereafter. 

At nineteen indecision drew Grant to enlist in the Marines.  Upon being honorably discharged at 24 he gravitated back to the world of printing. 

When the time came to leave the world of printing (and toxic chemicals), Grant's desire to make did not falter.  Grant moved to Pittsburgh, PA and, using his GI Bill, attended Triangle Tech, earning an Associates Degree in Construction Technology.  

Even as an accomplished carpenter, Grant could not satisfy his desire to create, spending every evening after work in his garage shop attempting to make something beautiful.  

This led Grant to make the move to Boston, MA to attend the renowned North Bennet Street School.    

Grant currently designs and builds custom chairs and furniture in the Charlestown Furniture Makers co-op in Charlestown, MA.  

Featured in Fine Woodworking "Masterful Helping Hand", 2017

First Recipient, Alden Artisan Advancement, NH Furniture Masters, 2016

Contributor, Popular Woodworking Magazine, "Marine Corps to Maker School", 2016