Grant Burger

Grant Burger has been making things for as long as he can remember.  From a young age, Grant found a home in his grandfather's shop making model airplanes.  As a teenager Grant became interested in silkscreen printing, eventually working in a production shop as a garment printer from age 15 until he joined the Marine Corps at 19.  Upon being honorably discharged from the Marines at 24 Grant gravitated back to the world of screen printing.  His love of creating things with his hands did not stop when he decided to leave the print shop and Grant, using his GI Bill, attended Triangle Tech Pittsburgh, earning an Associates Degree in Construction Technology.  

Even as an accomplished carpenter, Grant continued on in his quest to satisfy his desire to create.  In his spare time he pursued the finer side of making, designing furniture and building it for himself.  

This lead Grant to make the move to Boston, MA to attend the renowned North Bennet Street School.  Having graduated in June of 2017, Grant is now back in Pittsburgh where he owns and operates Grant Burger Woodworking.  

Grant Burger designs and builds custom furnishings in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh in his one-man shop.  

Featured in Fine Woodworking "Masterful Helping Hand", 2017

First Recipient, Alden Artisan Advancement, NH Furniture Masters, 2016

Contributor, Popular Woodworking Magazine, "Marine Corps to Maker School", 2016